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Sausage City: Kurowski's Sausage Shop in Avondale

Walking into Kurowski's and ordering "kielbasa" would probably get you laughed out of the store. Because that's like walking into Baskin Robbins and ordering "ice cream." Kielbasa really just means sausage, so to navigate Kurowski's, you'd better come prepared with some more specific instructions. More

Sausage City: Alpine Kielbasa at Gene's Sausage Shop

Gene's Sausage Shop in Lincoln Square is a towering, multi-story ode to good eating: 40 varieties of house-made sausages and cured meats (many of which are smoked at their large Belmont location), a full service staff of butchers who cut to order, a stock of hard to find game meats, a tremendous selection of beer and wine, and a carefully curated grocery from near and far. More

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