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Sausage City: Acre's Wood-Grilled House Made Sausages

Sausage City Blake Royer Post a comment

As drinking halls go, Acre in Andersonville is the kind of place you might picture in your dreams: dark, lacquered woods, a hefty bar, and an excellent craft beer list. So it's with pleasure that I report their plate of house-made wood-grilled sausages is fine indeed. More

Chicago BBQ is Better than Memphis BBQ

Michael Nagrant 34 comments

Dry rub Memphis barbecue. [Flickr: orangachang / CC BY-SA 2.0] Memphis barbecue ain't all that. There, I said it. I expected and wanted Memphis barbecue to be the soul shaking, stomach sating, come-to-Jesus occasion everyone says it is. I... More

Standing Room Only: Susie's Drive Thru

Standing Room Only Nick Kindelsperger 12 comments

"Susie's is a veritable wonderland of grease and the only advice I have is to submit." [Photographs: Nick Kindelsperger] Susie's Drive Thru 4126 W. Montrose Avenue, Chicago IL 60641; 773-283-6544‎ The Short Order: Eclectic diner fare, with incredible milkshakes. Want... More

Serious Sandwiches: Hot Doug's Citrus Burgundy Pork Sausage

Michael Nagrant 3 comments

I always respond that answering the question is like asking me who my favorite child is. Truth is, though, if some hungry felon held me up at gunpoint and needed to know my top five favorite spots, Hot Doug's: The Sausage Superstore would absolutely make the list. More

A Mano: In Good Hands

Michael Nagrant 3 comments

With Quartino, Osteria via Stato, and now A Mano all slinging cured meats, Chicago's downtown lunch arena is sporting more sausage than the Chicago Bears locker room after a big game. A Mano, the newest of the triumvirate, is helmed... More

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