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11 Seafood Tacos We Love in Chicago

Chicago Tacos Titus Ruscitti 1 comment

With Lent in full swing and my love of tacos a year-round thing, now is as good a time as any to put together a fish taco roundup. Since we already have a solid fried fish taco list, I set out to find 11 options that avoided the fryer completely. More

Learning the Ways of the Crawfish Boil at Toon's Bar & Grill

Joe Roy 5 comments

I was lucky enough to snag a ticket and get a behind the scenes look at just what goes into one of these boils. And get really, really full on crawfish. More

Seafood Sandwiches We Love in Chicago

Chicago Ida Yu 8 comments

If you didn't already know, August is National Sandwich Month. It's a purely arbitrary celebration, but it nonetheless serves as a good time to step back and take a look at some of Chicago's best options between two slices of bread. Today we wanted to look at one of the most difficult sandwich genres to do right: the seafood sandwich. More

13 Great Seafood Sandwiches in Chicago

A Sandwich a Day Hally Wolhandler 6 comments

Seared or deep fried, light and lemony or smothered in tartar sauce, we just love seafood sandwiches. Feast your eyes on our favorites by looking at the list below or flipping through our slideshow. More

Better Than Bacon: Fresh Alaskan King Crab from Dirk's Fish in Chicago

Michael Nagrant 11 comments

[Photograph: dirksfish.com] I once spent an entire day during the summer sitting on my couch watching an entire season of Deadliest Catch, the reality show about crab fisherman. The chain smoking of boat captain Phil Harris of the crab boat... More

An Oyster to Remember at Coq D'Or in Chicago

Michael Nagrant 1 comment

[Photograph: Michael Nagrant] Though we are surrounded by the azure majesty of Lake Michigan, Chicago is generally not a seafood kind of town. Fed-Ex and dry ice have done wonders for the scene, but it's still pretty rare to find... More

Standing Room Only: Hagen's Fish Market

Standing Room Only Nick Kindelsperger 1 comment

[Photographs: Nick Kindelsperger] Hagen's Fish Market 5635 W. Montrose Avenue, Chicago IL 60634 (map); 773-283-1944 The Short Order: Fresh seafood, whether freshly fried or gorgeously smoked. Want Fries with That? Of the fried options, the fries don't really stand... More

Standing Room Only: Calumet Fisheries

Standing Room Only Nick Kindelsperger 5 comments

In Standing Room Only, the author visits Chicago's best seatless eateries. Have at it, Nick. Calumet Fisheries 3259 E 95th St, Chicago IL 60617 (map); 773-933-9855 The Short Order: Intoxicating smoked shrimp and freshly fried seafood. Want Fries with That?... More

Considering the Chicago-Style Lobster Dog by Phillip Foss

Michael Nagrant 5 comments

Photograph courtesy of Phillip Foss Anya Von Bremzen recently wrote a piece in Food & Wine inquiring whether, with all the high end chefs slumming at the low end these days, we really need the pomp and circumstance of... More

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