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A Sandwich a Day: Tenderloin Steak Sandwich at Wildfire

A Sandwich a Day Tessa McLean 3 comments

If you're not in the mood for a filet, the tenderloin steak sandwich is worth checking out. More

Eat This Now: Piemontese Boneless Ribeye at Eataly's La Carne

Nick Kindelsperger 1 comment

Last Friday, I feasted on a 28-day Piemontese dry-aged ribeye at Eataly's La Carne, and there is no question that it deserves to be included on any list of the best steaks in Chicago, even if it doesn't look or taste like any other steak in town. More

Leftover Thoughts on Steak, Chicago Steakhouses, and Service

Nick Kindelsperger 8 comments

Steakhouses are strange places, and I felt odd every single time I stepped in one. Many of you seem to feel the same way. The number one question I got about the steak feature was this: What are steakhouses like? More

Experience Chicago's Noble Cheap Steak Tradition at El Azteca

Mike Gebert 5 comments

All you need is steak with a couple of cebollitas (grilled green onions), which seems to be what all these steak combinations come down to. More

Grilling Steak at Home? Pick Up Some Dry-Aged Steaks at Joseph's Finest Meats in Dunning

Titus Ruscitti 9 comments

Chicago has some really nice new butcher shops, but they lack the neighborhood atmosphere (and friendly prices) that a place like Joseph's Finest Meats in the northwest neighborhood of Dunning brings. As soon as you step inside and grab your ticket, you're greeted with a hello. The sweet sound of saw blades in use is the only music. More

Rick Gresh Shows Us the Dry-Aging Facility at David Burke's Primehouse

The Serious Eats Chicago Team 5 comments

Want to see how the best steaks in Chicago are dry-aged? Chef Rick Gresh gives us a tour of the dry-aging facility at David Burke's Primehouse. More

The Best Dry-Aged Steaks in Chicago

Nick Kindelsperger 11 comments

I had a hunch that the many of Chicago's best steaks weren't in steakhouses. So I took a more circuitous route, one that still allowed for a few traditional heavy hitters, but left just as many behind. Here are the results. More

First Impressions of Next's Chicago Steakhouse

First Look Nick Kindelsperger 11 comments

Instead of offering a modern interpretation of what a steakhouse could be, Next drew inspiration from the Mad Men era (that's the 50s and 60s for the rest of you). You won't find any deconstructed or overly manipulated dishes on the menu. This is just about pure gluttony and more butter than you could ever dream of. More

Eat This Now: Oaxacan-Style Carne Asada at Frontera

Nick Kindelsperger 4 comments

Ever get menu fright? It's not when you're scared of ordering because nothing looks good, but when you're overwhelmed by the choices and worried you'll make the mistake of ordering the merely great when you want the incredible. That's how I feel every time I visit Frontera Grill. More

Eat This Now: 40 Day Dry-Aged Ribeye at David Burke's Primehouse

Nick Kindelsperger 5 comments

I found myself nearly trembling with excitement while staring at the gorgeous 40 Day Bone-in Ribeye ($51) at David Burke's. It certainly looked impressive, with a gorgeous browned exterior and meat cooked exactly to medium rare. But it was all the things I couldn't see that truly set this steak apart. More

Open Thread: What's the Best Steak in Chicago?

The Serious Eats Chicago Team 23 comments

Take a walk on N. Rush St. and see if you can go more than a block without running into an establishment with a massive charred ribeye on its menu. Yet, we've mostly turned our back on this aspect of the Chicago dining scene. We're hoping to change that soon, but first we wanted to get your opinion: what's the best steak in Chicago? More

Eat This Now: Dry Aged Ribeye Steak at Owen & Engine

Nick Kindelsperger 3 comments

I didn't stop by Owen & Engine with steak on my mind. But I can't remember the last time I enjoyed a steak as completely as the dry-aged ribeye steak here. More

Standing Room Only: La Pasadita

Standing Room Only Nick Kindelsperger 7 comments

[Photographs: Nick Kindelsperger] La Pasadita 1141 N. Ashland Avenue, Chicago IL 60622 (map); 773-278-0384‎ The Short Order: Oddly beefy grilled steak tacos. Want Fries with That? No sides are needed. Save room for tacos. Want Ketchup? Just bottles and... More

Chicago's Best Steak Taco at Carbon

Michael Nagrant 1 comment

[Photograph: Michael Nagrant] I like a steak taco that doesn't look like it's been hacked to death by Edward Scissorhands. But, rather than cutting skirt steak nicely across the grain in reasonably sized slivers, most of the Chicago taquerias... More

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