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Sugar Rush: Oatmeal Shake at Tiztal Café

I have attempted my own oatmeal smoothie creations in the past but was always disappointed in the result: a half mealy/half viscous not-quite-liquid that I couldn't decide if I wanted to drink like a smoothie or eat with a spoon. Tiztal's creation, on the other hand, somehow transforms oatmeal into a delightfully drinkable treat. More

Sugar Rush: Banana Pudding from Sweet Ride

Don't write off what appears to be just another cupcake truck. Surprisingly enough, a cold and creamy treat can also be found at Sweet Ride in the form of their simple Banana Pudding. Nilla wafers and slices of fresh banana are nestled among layers of vanilla pudding so thick and creamy it could almost pass as custard. More

Sugar Rush: Pain Perdu from Nellcôte

It may not look like French toast, but Nellcôte calls it Pain Perdu ($18 as part of their prix fixe brunch menu). They even take their French chateau concept a step further by topping it with "Crème Chantilly," which is just vanilla-enhanced whipped cream en Français. But they could call this cream bread, and I'd still take every single out-of-towner here for the next 10 years. More

Sugar Rush: Carrot Cake from Julius Meinl

When was the last time you had carrot cake? Yeah, it had been a while for me, too. But when a friend couldn't stop raving about the "best he's ever had" carrot cake at Julius Meinl, I figured it was worth a bike ride up to the Viennese pâtisserie's newest location in Ravenswood. More

Sugar Rush: Strawberry Sundae from Nightwood

The wacky spring weather Chicago has experienced over the past two months has at least one silvery lining: the arrival of the strawberry sundae ($10) at Nightwood. Pastry chef Matthew Rice jumped at the chance to transform simple berries into his strawberry sundae—an elegant, balanced version of a childhood favorite. More

Sugar Rush: Eleanor from Vanille Patisserie

Anyone who bemoans the lack of serious pastry shops or bakeries in this town will quickly find herself comforted by the pristine, elegant tartes, entremets, and macarons at Vanille Patisserie. The newest addition to the menu, The Eleanor ($6.65), is exactly the type of dessert you'd want on a warm spring day: bright, citrusy, and satisfying without being heavy. More

Sugar Rush: Blueberry Almondine from Lovely Bake Shop

Lovely's airy, warm cafe may be the best spot for tearing into this slice straightaway. Warm wood and vintage floral prints make the interior look like a Pinterest dream, and some communal seating means there's a potential to meet like-minded dessert fiends. Just be advised that said communal seating could mean you'll have to share a bite of that blueberry almondine. More

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