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The Brunch Dish: Brunch Bows With a Bang at Avec

The Brunch Dish Matt Kirouac Post a comment

Avec is the biggest score for brunch since Roscoe combined chicken and waffles. And just as at dinnertime, their brunch menu is full of deviceful twists and turns, putting a distinct stamp on the Sunday ritual. More

The Brunch Dish: M. Henrietta

The Brunch Dish Matt Kirouac 3 comments

Dining at m.henrietta is like wrapping yourself in a blanket knit by your grandma. Everything about this cottage-esque Edgewater nook wafts of comfort, most especially the "screw the New Yearʼs resolutions" menu of sweet and savory indulgences. More

The Brunch Dish: The Bristol

The Brunch Dish Matt Kirouac 2 comments

While chef Chris Pandel famously serves up some of the cityʼs most intriguingly meaty fare at dinner, some of the best dishes on the weekend brunch menu are just as hearty. Interspersed with a few sweet dishes, brunch is a showcase for eye-opening foods of a savory persuasion. More

The Brunch Dish: Fried Egg Sandwich at Dunlays on the Square

The Brunch Dish Anna Deem Post a comment

Although Dunlays on the Square isn't a new member of Logan Square's food community, there are still some great standbys on their menu that make it worth checking back in every now and again. More

The Brunch Dish: Duck 'Reuben' Salad at Atwood Café

The Brunch Dish Anna Deem Post a comment

I don't typically find myself dining down in the Loop for brunch, but when I do, I like to choose one of my go-to restaurants, Atwood Café, which is located in the historic Reliance Building. Their dinner has always impressed me, so I was curious to see how their brunch stacked up. More

The Brunch Dish: Croque Madame at Birchwood Kitchen

The Brunch Dish Anna Deem Post a comment

Birchwood Kitchen's Croque Madame is the ideal dish if you're not sure you want breakfast or lunch. The country ham, gruyere cheese, and Dijon mustard on hearty grilled sourdough bread all make for a memorable sandwich, but the sunny side up eggs on top of the dish serve as a nice reminder that the clock hasn't hit noon just yet. More

The Brunch Dish: Cremini Mushroom Benedict at Township

The Brunch Dish Anna Deem Post a comment

The hole-in-the-wall venue in Logan Square known as Pancho's was recently revamped into Township, a venue/bar/restaurant combo, which also happens to serve brunch on the weekends. But how does it stack up to the many other new restaurants that have opened up in the neighborhood? More

The Brunch Dish: Meat Omelet at Branch 27

The Brunch Dish Anna Deem Post a comment

In all my brunch adventures so far, I have tried to stay away from obvious American brunch staples in hopes of exploring Chicago's more unique offerings. Noble Square's Branch 27 made me venture back to the safety zone, however, with their version of everyone's favorite egg dish: the omelet. More

The Brunch Dish: Short Rib Eggs Benedict at Sprout

The Brunch Dish Anna Deem Post a comment

I like to consider myself a connoisseur of Eggs Benedict. Hollandaise sauce, ham, English muffins—I can pretty much taste the flavors in my sleep if I wanted to. But the Short Rib Eggs Benedict ($18) from Sprout was unlike anything I had ever ordered for brunch before. More

The Brunch Dish: Kobe Brisket Hash at Chicago Q

The Brunch Dish Anna Deem Post a comment

Chicago Q may be known for serving excellent barbeque, but their brunch menu is not to be ignored. The real standout dish among the five, though, is the Kobe Brisket Hash ($10.50), which is served with two eggs any style (I got mine scrambled) and two crumbly cheddar-chive biscuits. More

The Brunch Dish: Old Town Breakfast at Old Town Social

The Brunch Dish Anna Deem Post a comment

For all the fancy reinterpretations of brunch classics I have tried since the start of this column, sometimes it's nice to remember what prompted my love of that special time in-between breakfast and lunch. Old Town Social serves up a basic no-frills breakfast dish that prompted me to remember this past weekend why the classics are just as important as their modern breakfast bedfellows. More

The Brunch Dish: Fried Chicken and Waffles at Table Fifty-Two

The Brunch Dish Anna Deem 1 comment

I may never get to afford to dine at Alinea, but I can now say that I know what $24 fried chicken and waffles tastes like. Yes, that's right, at chef Art Smith's Table Fifty-Two in the Gold Coast, the fried chicken and waffles brunch specialty is a whopping $24. More

The Brunch Dish: Breakfast Burrito at Wishbone

The Brunch Dish Anna Deem Post a comment

Sometimes it is necessary to go back to brunch basics. That's definitely the case when you're dealing with one particular time-honored brunch tradition: the hangover. Finding myself with that all-too-familiar feeling recently, Wishbone's breakfast burrito was thankfully able to cure my ailment. More

The Brunch Dish: The Corned Beef Hash at Vincent

The Brunch Dish Anna Deem 2 comments

At Vincent in Andersonville I found myself staring at the phrase "the best" printed on the menu next to the corned beef hash ($12). The best! How could I resist, especially since it is braised for 12 hours? More

The Brunch Dish: The Corned Beef Hash at 2 Sparrows

The Brunch Dish Anna Deem Post a comment

Ever since former Charlie Trotter's chefs, Gregory Ellis and Steven Fladung, opened their new Lincoln Park breakfast and lunch outpost, 2 Sparrows, last year, I knew I had to put their latest endeavor on my "must brunch" list. (And yes, an actual list does exist.) More

The Brunch Dish: The El Soldado Breakfast Tacos at Estrella Negra

Anna Deem Post a comment

Estrella Negra does simple and classic so effortlessly that they don't need to try and impress their patrons with something outrageously modern and out-of-place. Besides the perfect balance of ingredients, the breakfast tacos were also not greasy in the slightest and the perfect size for brunch. Oh, and did I mention that Estrella Negra is BYOB as well? More

The Brunch Dish: Paris Eggs Benedict at Prasino

The Brunch Dish Anna Deem Post a comment

With an emphasis on organic food and an environmentally-conscious setting, I thought I would walk into Prasino and do the appropriate thing—order something marginally healthy. Spying the Paris Eggs Benedict ($12) on the menu was all it took for me to change my mind. More

The Brunch Dish: The Mayan Omeletta at Marmalade

The Brunch Dish Anna Deem Post a comment

When you eat brunch every week like I do, the same egg benedicts and Denver omelets get tired real fast. Marmalade's brunch menu takes those favorites and puts their own spin on them, serving up one of the most inventive brunches in the city. More

The Brunch Dish: Frittata at Las Palmas

The Brunch Dish Anna Deem Post a comment

Most people know Las Palmas for their upscale Mexican cuisine, but they actually have an amazing brunch that is very under-appreciated. More

The Brunch Dish: Egg Sandwich at Jam

The Brunch Dish Anna Deem Post a comment

The egg sandwich ($13) was piled with pork shoulder, ricotta salata cheese, and plum preserve, all sandwiched between two slices of crusty French bollo bread and served with perfectly seasoned fingerling potatoes on the side. More

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