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We Chat With Marc Schulman, President of Eli's Cheesecake

I was recently invited out to Eli's Cheesecake World in Chicago's Dunning neighborhood by Eli's son, Marc Schulman, who has been president of the company since 1984. After spending some time with him and executive pastry chef Laurel Boger in the factory/store, I walked away truly impressed by the company's history of innovation as well as their dedication to quality ingredients. More

We Chat With: Leah Wilcox from Babycakes, Chicago's Pancake Truck

At first thought, the idea of a pancake food truck sounds like a disaster. In Chicago you still can't cook on the truck, so how can pancakes possibly be served warm from a truck and still be good? It almost seems too weird to even take off—until you take that first bite into one of Leah Wilcox's signature creations from her soon-to-hit the streets pancake truck, Babycakes. More

We Chat With: Anna Caterinicchia of Getta Polpetta, Chicago's Meatball Sandwich Truck

As long as she can remember, meatballs have always been a part of Anna Caterini's life. The food truck owner and third generation (and then some) meatball maker admits that she can't even recall the first time she encountered one, "As long as I can remember, every Sunday night family dinner and all of the holidays in between, there have been meatballs." Over the years, Caterinicchia became an expert at making these meatballs, and she now sells them off of her food truck, Getta Polpetta. More

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