Serious Sandwiches: The Marky B from Jerry's


Jerry's has a hundred and twenty plus signature sandwiches named after musicians, cartoon characters, customers, and pop culture icons. Given the wide choice, the journalist in me yearns to work through each and every one of them. But, while I stray occasionally, my stomach's desires trump my investigative nature, and I almost exclusively order the Marky B (named after owner Mark Bires).

The Marky B is spiced, marinated, medium-rare, bias-cut skirt steak topped with grilled and caramelized jammy sweet onions, crunchy planks of smoked applewood bacon, and creamy house-made Roquefort dressing with fat chunks of blue cheese, and a crunchy confetti of arugula and iceberg blended lettuces and tomato. All of this is sandwiched between panini-pressed, grill-marked artisan baked Italian White bread with a nutty brown crust and a bubbly chewy interior from local artisan baker D'Amatos.


Address: West Loop: 1045 W Madison Street, Chicago, IL 60607 (map) Wicker Park: 1938 W Division Street, Chicago, IL 60622 (map)
Phone: West Loop: 312-563-1008 Wicker Park: 773-235-1006