Alan Richman Doesn't Really Like Chicago Hot Dogs, Ouch


Photograph from roboppy on Flickr

GQ columnist Alan Richman hit what his Chicago hot dog-loving buddy called the dozen best franks in that hot dog-crazed town, but he didn't seem to love any. In fact, after reading his story twice, I don't think he got why Chicago residents are crazy about their tube steaks. His biggest problem: the way the hot dogs, loaded down with all the requisite Chicago toppings--chopped onions, sport peppers, tomato, pickle, and celery salt--fall apart when you bite into them.

Richman hoped to file his top five list, but couldn't even find five good enough to make the cut. He liked the Wiener's Circle, Byron's, Rockstar Dogs, and Hot Doug's. He refers to Superdawg in his story, but clearly didn't love it. In fact, he called what was delivered to his car in the famous Superdawg box, a "horror."

Ouch! Did he go to Gene and Jude's, my other favorite Chicago hot dog spot, conveniently just a few minutes from O'Hare? Fess up, Richman.

We also need our Chicago bureau chief Michael Nagrant to weigh in on this crucially important issue. And the rest of the serious eaters as well.