The Blue Eyeshadowed Doughnut Baker of Chicago's Glazed Donuts

Don't let the blue eyeshadow fool you. Kirsten Anderson, doughnut baker and owner of Chicago's underground doughnut bakery, Glazed Donuts, can probably kick your ass. She's a former bodyguard and mixed martial arts style fighter in addition to being a supreme baker. While I recently profiled her for the Chicago Sun Times, I didn't talk a whole lot about her doughnuts.

They're as killer as she is. You'd think a town of expanding waistlines like Chicago would be doughnut heaven, but alas, we have no Doughnut Plant like New York City, nor a burgeoning artisanal movement like the Pacific northwest, or a smattering of classic corner coffee parlors like Los Angeles. We do have Old Fashion Donut on the far South Side, but that's about it.

Anderson's filling that void with light, albeit deep fried, cake-style donuts in fantastic flavors like bacon maple, pecan pie, Chinese five spice chocolate, and orange spice. She also has a wicked sense of humor and recently whipped up drunken beauties like Irish Car Bomb and Champagne Chambord doughnuts for New Years.

She only makes about six dozen a week by hand and sells them around town at local cafes. The flavors change each week (check out the latest flavors on her website), but you should definitely check them out.

For larger pre-orders or catering, contact Kirsten Anderson at [email protected].

Where to find them:

Bite Cafe 1039 N Western Avenue, Chicago IL 60622 (map) 773-395-2483

Green Grocer 1402 W Grand Avenue, Chicago IL 60642 (map) 312-624-9508‎

New Wave Coffee 2557 N Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago IL 60647 (map) 773-489-0646

Swim Cafe 1357 W Chicago Avenue, Chicago IL 60642 (map) 312-492-8600