Hangover Helper: Chilaquiles from Xoco in Chicago


[Photo: Carey Jones]

With salty chips and sloppy toppings, chilaquiles are just about the perfect hangover food. And the chilaquiles ($6.50) from Xoco in Chicago, Rick Bayless's casual operation, are just about the best I've ever had. Soft-scrambled eggs and totally melted cheese blanket the top, with minced onion and cilantro; bits of them creep down into the corn chips, smothered in a fresh, spicy tomato-serrano sauce, so that the middle chips dissolve into soft layers of corn tortilla but the outer edges stay crisp. Heated in the wood-burning oven, it's as warming and stomach-satisfying as it gets: hearty enough to get you going, spicy enough to enliven the dish without wreaking more havoc on an unsettled stomach. The strong French press of Intelligensia coffee will kick you straight, too.

The one drawback? Xoco's closed on Sundays. But when you find yourself in need of pre-work fortification after a weeknight that ended up a little too fun, here's your solution.


449 North Clark Street, Chicago IL 60654 (map) 312-334-3688