Chicago: 7 Favorite Taco Joints

In any big city, tacos are a great representation of what the local food scene has to offer. Small, simple, and versatile, this is street food at its finest. Or it's a popular chef (ahem, Paul Kahan) doing tacos at their cheffiest-finest. There's quite a bit of diversity on this list: from the homey, traditional carne asada and carnitas to kalbi (Korean short rib) to a crunchy fish taco.

In a city like Chicago, it's hard to say that these are the seven very best taco joints, but they are seven that we've gone back to again and again. And then still craved weeks later.

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Taco Cheat Sheet

Here are our favorite orders for each stop. Read more about each in the slideshow!

Carnicerias Guanajuato: Carne asada, lomo encebollado (ribeye cooked with onion), and carnitas

La Pasadita: Carne Asada

Cemitas Puebla: Tacos arabes (Lebanese-Mexican schwarma-like pork)

Del Seoul: Kalbi (Korean short rib) and panko-encrusted shrimp

Don Pedro Carnitas: Carnitas and deep-fried beef brain tacos

Tio Luis: Carne asada

Big Star: Pork al pastor, fish, and pork belly