Chicago: 10 French Fries We Love

We haven't met many people who don't love a great french fry and here in Chicago, there are a ton of places to choose from. Fries are on all types of menus, from fast food all the way up to fine dining, and finding the best ones can be difficult.

In this quest for the city's best fries, we measured texture (that important balance between crisp outsides and fluffy insides), cooking styles, toppings, and most importantly of all, flavor. Could the fry hold its own even without fancy garnishes?

For one spot we waited two hours in line for a single order (ahem, Hot Doug's). On another night, five places were on the fry-tinerary. (And we hit them all.) By the time that day ended it became apparent that only fries had been eaten from morning until night. Dedication, right?

We scoured the city to compile this list of 10 favorite fry sources. They range from sweet potato fries to duck fat fries to the more classic, skin-on ones There are many other places in Chicago that make great fries, but we couldn't get to them all. Chime in if we left out your favorite!

Check them all out in the slideshow >>

The Chicago Fry Map

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The Fries

Garlic Fries from The Bad Apple
Fries with Merkt's Cheddar from BenjYehuda
Foie Gras Fries from Big and Little's
Sweet Potato Fries from DMK Burger Bar
Taylor Street Fries from Edzo's
Triple Truffle Fries from Franks 'n Dawgs
Fries on a Hot Dog at Gene and Jude's
Duck Fat Fries from Hot Doug's
Cheese Fries from Portillo's
Fries with Muffaletta Dip from Wiener and Still Champion