2012 Chicago Michelin Guide Released


Michelin finally broke its silence today, as it just announced the starred restaurants for its 2012 Chicago Michelin Guide moments ago. You can read the full release here, but here are the big things you should know:

Three Stars

  • Only Alinea managed the highest honor this year, as L20 was stripped of two of its stars after two chef shuffles.

Two Stars

  • Both Ria and Charlie Trotters kept their two stars.
  • Avenues, which closed a few months ago when Curtis Duffy left to open his own place, was removed from the list.

One Star

  • 15 of the 18 restaurants in this category are the same from last year.
  • Moto and Courtright's are new to the list, while Crofton's, NoMI, and Sixteen were kicked off.
  • L20, as we mentioned above, received one star.
  • Longman & Eagle, which we just featured today on The Vegetarian Option, also kept its one star.

The announcement was far less dramatic than the chaos that surrounded last year's announcement, probably due to the fact that none of the guides were accidentally mailed before the official announcement was made. But what do you think of the list? Let us know if think any restaurant should have made the list.