A Sandwich a Day: Organic Turkey and Farmhouse Cheddar from Hannah's Bretzel

A Sandwich a Day

Reviews of Chicago sandwiches.


[Photograph: Anna Deem]

Whenever I feel like stepping outside of my office in the Loop for a quick lunch, I often find myself going to the same overpriced chains or cheap fast food places over and over again. After hearing about it for quite some time, I finally decided to give Hannah's Bretzel a try recently. With four Loop locations, this "Über Sandwich Maker" (as they like to call themselves), focuses on organic ingredients, whole-grain, freshly baked bread, and authentic and imported meats. I zipped efficiently through the order line and took my Organic Turkey and Farmhouse Cheddar sandwich ($8.59) back to my office to enjoy.

In addition to the fresh turkey and cheese, the sandwich is also stacked with crunchy apple crisps, organic field greens, and a roasted pepper aioli, all held together in an organic bretzel baguette. It's safe to say that the apple crisps and roasted pepper aioli were the key ingredients, elevating what would normally be a regular turkey and cheese sandwich to the next level of sandwich-dom. It's easy to spend a few dollars extra on a sandwich like this because you know you won't feel greasy or stuffed after consuming it. Hannah's focus on freshness comes through in every bite, making it the perfect quick lunch to grab during a busy work day.

Hannah's Bretzel 180 W Washington St., Chicago, IL 60602 (map) 312-621-1111