Updated: The Natural Casing Vienna Beef Hot Dog Map

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[Photograph: Nick Kindelsperger]

We asked and they answered. After Blake and I called over 100 stands to put together the Natural Casing Hot Dog Map, Vienna Beef graciously reached out and provided another 35 places to add to the list. We can't thank them enough for the help. It's now even easier to find a natural casing hot dog in Chicago.

To be honest, the additions are an odd mix. First off, you have stands, like Al's Under the L and Chicago Burger Boys, which may be new, but are doing things the old way. Then you have restaurants that I never would have guessed served natural casing hot dogs. (Who knew both Quenchers Saloon and Silver Cloud Restaurant Bar & Grill in Bucktown had natural casing hot dogs on their menus?) Finally, there are a few catering companies in Loop that serve them. Find them out!

Still, we're always looking for more. Let us know if you find any, and make sure to send pictures with them.

View the Natural Casing Vienna Beef Hot Dog Map