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[Photos: Nick Kindelsperger]

I've spent more than forty years looking for the best eats in Chicago, so it should come as no surprise to anyone that our first city site (besides our hometown of New York) is the food-blessed Windy City.

How did someone mostly born and raised in the New York area (besides a year in Los Angeles) become so familiar with the treasure trove of serious eats in Chicago? I went to college in the Midwest, Grinnell College in the heart of the heartland, central Iowa, starting in 1969. It only took me a matter of hours to realize that Chicago, a mere 300 miles away, was going to be my stomping ground for serious food and music—which were then, and still are, my two greatest passions in the world.

So when we would hit Chicago for a weekend in my 1970 Datsun 510 Sedan (nickamed Bertha, after the Grateful Dead song) we would carefully map out our food and music destinations. Superdawg and Johnny's? Check. The original Due and Giordano's? Check. Ann Sather and The Original Pancake House? Check. Even back then I knew I was going to encounter amazing eats every time I set foot in Chicago.

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So it was only a matter of time before we launched Serious Eats: Chicago, and we knew that Nick Kindelsperger would be the man for the job. We've loved his work in the Chicago-centric column Standing Room Only, the national recipe beat of Dinner Tonight, and everything else he's done with us. He's since spent time at Grub Street Chicago, but we knew his heart was still with Serious Eats.

When we were ready to pull the trigger on Chicago, we knew Nick was ready to roll with us, and here he is. Chicago is such a great food city, no one person can adequately cover it. So Nick has assembled a tremendous stable of talented contributors. Some, like Daniel Zemans, Blake Royer, and Dennis Lee, you are probably familiar with if you've been reading Serious Eats. Others are excellent writers and photographers with discerning taste buds that Nick is bringing into the Serious Eats family.

What you will find on Serious Eats Chicago in the coming weeks and months and years? A lot of the same features we have developed for New York—The Vegetarian Option, A Sandwich A Day—features like Standing Room Only that have already appeared on Serious Eats, and a whole lot more that Nick and his crack staff have cooked up.

So we hope that Chicago Serious Eaters will come along for what promises to be a delicious ride. As always, our digital door is always open for suggestions, comments, and constructive criticism. Away we go, Chicagoans. This is going to be fun.

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