Smörgåsboard: Foot-Long Grilled Cheese, Hunan Chiles, and the Waitress Special B


Highlights from the blogosphere.  


[Photograph: Rachelle B]

  • The "Signature Foot Long Grilled Cheese" at The Scout really is a foot-long grilled cheese. Plus it comes with tomato basil soup. [Rachelle B]
  • Lao Hunan manages to differentiate itself from other restaurants in the Tony Hu empire by focusing on an "unusually fiery cuisine, even by the standards of Lao Sze Chuan, indeed one dish was nothing more than peppers." [Sky Full of Bacon]
  • The Waitress Special B from Golden Nugget comes with a "buttercream waffle, two soft scrambled eggs and hashbrowns," and is a "great breakfast for around ten dollars." [Chicago Bites]