Smörgåsboard: Phat Phet, Fried Shrimp, and Chiyan Pon


Highlights from the blogosphere.  


[Courtesy of Skillet Doux]

  • The Phat Phet Fish Balls at Aroy Thai: "Setting the virtues of the fiery but beautifully balanced red curry aside, it got me frustrated that more places don't serve fish balls, essentially fish dumplings blended with starch and seasonings and then cooked to create a sort of spongy, gently flavored chunk of fish." [Skillet Doux]
  • The fried shrimp at Joey's Shrimp House: "I thought these were really nice and similar to Goose Island Shrimp House, which is a favorite of mine." It's not "as heavily breaded" but "their hot sauce is identical." Joey's is "now in my fried crustacean rotation." [Smokin' Chokin' and Chowing with the King]
  • The Chiyan Pon at Slurping Turtle: "I expected a nice little stir-fry, but was served a dish that was as startling as it was tasty—hot mustard, fragrant celery and heaping mounds of seafood." [Chicago Bites]