The Brunch Dish: Bacon Flight at Bakin' and Eggs

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[Photograph: Anna Deem]

Bakin' and Eggs may be located in the middle of the baby epicenter of Lakeview, but after spying a bacon flight on their menu, I knew I owed it to myself and all brunch lovers to try this unique offering—no matter how much I had to fight through the stroller parking lot.

Since you can't live on bacon alone, I started with a croissant breakfast sandwich ($9), which featured ham, gruyere cheese, and an over-easy egg. (Totally worth the messiness, by the way.)

The bacon flight ($7) consisted of five different options: maple pepper, jalapeno, honey, cherry smoked, and mesquite bacon varieties. Besides the mesquite being a little too smoky for my liking, each of the other types of bacon was a great accompaniment to my breakfast sandwich. Out of all of them, I found myself wishing I had a few more strips of the honey or cherry smoked to go around. Although it may sound like a surefire way to clog your arteries, Bakin' and Eggs' bacon flight is a great side to any of their tasty brunch dishes, showcasing their inventive spin on a basic savory brunch component.

Bakin' and Eggs

3120 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60657 (map)