The Top 10 Chicago A Sandwich a Day Posts in 2011

When the Chicago site was preparing to launch, one of the columns I knew I wanted to bring over here was A Sandwich a Day—because, hey, who doesn't love sandwiches? But then reality started to set in. It's a very literal title, with a different sandwich being showcased every single weekday. I began to wonder: would there be enough great options to write up?

Turns out I completely underestimated Chicago's sandwich scene, as there are great sandwiches in just about every neighborhood. The diversity was also striking. Sandwiches were overloaded and excessive, or sleek and minimal.

Here are the ten most popular A Sandwich a Day posts from out short stint here in 2011.

All Of The Bites...

  1. Milanesa Cemita at Cemitas Puebla
  2. Montreal-style Smoked Pastrami from Fumare Meats
  3. Corned Beef Reuben at The Brown Sack
  4. Corned Beef Manny's
  5. Coppa and Provolone Panini at The Purple Pig
  6. Ahogada Torta at Xoco in Chicago
  7. Jibarito from Borinquen
  8. Pork Belly Sandwich at Blackbird
  9. Organic Turkey and Farmhouse Cheddar from Hannah's Bretzel
  10. The Artisan Cellar's Artisan Cellar Sandwich