A Sandwich a Day: Turkey and Cheese from Lucky's Sandwich Co.

A Sandwich a Day

Reviews of Chicago sandwiches.


[Photograph: Nick Kindelsperger]

I've always wondered whether a restaurant's appearance on a competitive eating show—like, say, Man vs. Food—actually helps the establishment or dooms it to years of slinging out massive quantities of mediocre food. I mean, who cares about putting together an intricately balanced dish when all customers want is a lot of it? Which is a way of saying that I wasn't expecting much from Lucky's Sandwich Co, a local shop that is probably best known for appearing on the first season of Man vs. Food. In the episode, host Adam Richman ate three of Lucky's towering turkey sandwiches in less than 30 minutes. Fortunately, that is not the case...at all.

In fact, Lucky's Turkey & Cheese sandwich ($7.50) was one of the most ingeniously constructed sandwiches I've encountered in long time. The whole fries-in-the-sandwich thing has been done before, but I became more interested in the other elements. The turkey and cheese were thinly sliced and flavorful, while a pile of acidic coleslaw helped cut through the fat. It was all housed in some remarkable thick cut bread, which stood up to the weight of the fillings without buckling.

About those fries: Though the creamy texture of the fresh fries made for an interesting few bites, I eventually pulled them all off. I am glad I did. This is a serious sandwich that deserves a little more attention—no eating challenge required.

Lucky's Sandwich Co‎.

717 West Maxwell Street, Chicago, IL 60607 (map)