Crust Closes in Wicker Park

20100519CrustOutside 2.jpg

[Photograph: Dan Zemans]

While Charlie Trotter's bombshell that his eponymous restaurant would shut down next August is deservedly getting most of the attention, it wasn't the only restaurant to announce its closing over the holiday break. Crust (reviewed here) in Wicker Park announced on Sunday that it would close immediately, writing on Facebook, "It's been a good run. We will miss everyone."

While never considered among the best pizza in town, the restaurant's flatbreads (as they referred to them) did feature a wonderfully blistered crust thanks to the wood-burning oven. Interestingly, when Crust opened in 2007 it was apparently the first certified organic restaurant in Chicago. To us, it always seemed wildly packed, but maybe that's because we haven't been in a few years. Has anyone been recently?


2056 W. Division, Chicago IL 60622 (map)