How To Eat (And Drink) Like President Obama in Chicago

[Courtesy of YouTube]

Happy Presidents' Day everyone! As is customary on this government sanctioned holiday, we'll be taking it relatively easy here at Serious Eats Chicago to properly pay our respects. (That is the custom, no?) What we really wanted to do was dine at various president-themed restaurant around the city, like the Lincoln Restaurant on Lincoln Ave, which has one of the greatest signs we've seen in a long time. (Has anyone actually been to this place? We need to know.)

Unfortunately, Lincoln's is really it. So, while we can argue about which theoretical president-themed restaurant would be the best (the Thomas Jefferson one, probably), there does happen to be a Chicagoan in the White House with some serious eating credentials. Click here if you don't believe us.

These are just a few of the places around Chicago where you can eat like the current president, even if we happen to like some of his choices more than others.