Sausage City: Longman & Eagle's PBR Breakfast with Housemade Sausage

Sausage City

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[Photographs: Blake Royer]

If you've ever tried to get a table at Longman & Eagle on pretty much any given night—doesn't matter if it is a Friday or a Tuesday—you've no doubt seen how ridiculously popular it is. And for good reason: the intimate, gastropub atmosphere and expertly-cooked food (now crowned with a Michelin star two years in a row) are a huge draw.

And on a Saturday or Sunday, no doubt the same is true of its brunch. But one of Longman's not-so-secret secrets is that it serves brunch every single day of the week. On a recent weekday morning, there were only a handful of souls in the room at 10 a.m., and I sat at the bar to sample the PBR Breakfast ($7), which is just what it sounds like: two eggs any style, some of the best breakfast potatoes in the city, Longman's housemade breakfast sausage (or Nueske's bacon), and, if you're so inclined, a beer. (I was told about 50% of patrons actually ask for the beer, the rest wisely abstain; for journalistic purposes, though, I felt it necessary.)


First of all, as is expected in a Michelin-starred restaurant, the eggs were cooked to perfection. The sausage is flavored like a classic breakfast sausage, with plenty of sage and garlic. There is also rosemary, thyme, and black pepper. Like the breakfast potatoes, the link takes a dunk in the deep fryer, a way of cooking sausage that I've encountered a great deal lately; though it sounds incredibly decadent, the impermeable casing doesn't let in much oil. What the method ensures is the most uniformly crisp skin without having to tend to a skillet, like with pan-searing.


A slow breakfast at Longman allows you not only to eat their ridiculously delicious food, but also to experience the calmness of the room and enjoy congenial service that's normally hampered by the crowds. And if you do manage to resist the Sunny Side Duck Egg Hash with Duck Confit or Peeky Toe Crab Benedict, the housemade sausage is pretty good, too, and for $7, the whole breakfast is an incredible deal.

Longman & Eagle

2657 N Kedzie Avenue Chicago, IL 60647 (map)