We Eat All the Sandwiches at Publican Quality Meats

[Photographs: Nick Kindelsperger]

It's no secret that Publican Quality Meats sells great, um, meats. Not only does PQM source from some amazing local suppliers, but it also ages and cures those cuts in its enormous basement kitchen. We already had a look at some of the fine charcuterie you can find there. But PQM is definitely more than just a butcher shop. One of the many unsung elements of the shop is the bread program, which is run by Ehsan Gangi.

So, PQM has top quality meats and freshly made bread. It didn't take long for us to realize that if you combine the two you have the potential for some truly stunning sandwiches. Or, at the very least, that was the hypothesis. Sandwiches are fickle creations, and construction and balance are almost as important as top quality ingredients. The only way to know was to gather up a group and sample all six of the sandwiches currently on PQM's menu. You know, just to make sure.


[Photograph: Elin Raun-Royer]

Why the rush to review a shop that has only been open for two weeks? Well, on our last visit Paul Kahan let us know that the sandwiches were going to be rotated often, perhaps in a week or two. Time was of the essence.

Each of the six sandwiches utilizes both a different filling and a completely different style of bread. (There are two focaccia breads, but they don't taste that similar.) From the cloud-like focaccia on the "Train to Tuscan" to the crusty whole wheat used on the Turkey Sandwich, each one interacts with the filling in a really unique way.

Have you tried any of the sandwiches, yet? Check out our slideshow, and then let us know!