3 Places to Sample a Shamrock Shake in Chicago Besides McDonald's


The Shamrock Shake from DMK Burger Bar [Courtesy of DMK-Burger-Bar/Facebook]

Oh, the Shamrock Shake. Invented right here in the 1970s and symbolically dumped into the Chicago River for the past few years, the Shamrock Shake and Chicago have a long history together. But relationships change. People mature. So while our own Robyn Lee described the for-a-limited-time-only shake from McDonald's as having "a barely perceptible mint flavor," you don't have to go this whole week without trying one. (St. Patrick's Day is on Saturday, in case you haven't eaten enough corned beef.) In fact, a number of restaurants are serving up bright green Shamrock Shake clones, which should hopefully satisfy your nostalgia while also tasting, you know, good.

DMK Burger Bar's Shamrock Shake

This packed burger bar in Lakeview has had a Shamrock Shake on its menu for the past month, and, as you can tell, it looks little different from the McDonald's original. This version of the shake is made with Petersen's Mint Chocolate Ice Cream and comes topped with a whole bunch of Lucky Charms.

DMK Burger Bar, 2954 North Sheffield Avenue, Chicago, IL 60657 (map); 773-360-8686; dmkburgerbar.com‎

M Burger's Minty Leprechaun

Though not officially called a Shamrock Shake at M Burger, The Minty Leprechaun is basically the same thing, and it's been a special on the milkshake menu for all of March. (Also available this month is the Grasshopper, which contains chocolate, espresso, mint and cookies.) Why is the Minty Leprechaun so, um, minty? You can thank the Andes mints, which are mixed in with each one.

M Burger, multiple locations; mburgerchicago.com

Markethouse Boozy Shamrock Shake

On the slightly more refined side of things, Markethouse is offering a Shamrock Shake with a kick. The Boozy Shamrock Shake is probably the most elegantly presented version of the shake we've seen, plus it even comes complete with a nice green garnish.

Markethouse, 611 North Fairbanks Court, Chicago, IL 60611 (map); 312-224-2200; markethousechicago.com‎