A Sandwich a Day: Grilled Brie from Southport Grocery

A Sandwich a Day

Reviews of Chicago sandwiches.

Editor's Note: In this great city of ours, one could eat a different sandwich every day of the year—so that's what we'll do. Here's A Sandwich a Day, our daily look at sandwiches around the Windy City. Got a sandwich we should check out? Let us know. —The Mgmt.


[Photographs: Daniel Zemans]

If I were to list my favorite cheeses in order, I'd probably go online and start finding names of cheeses I'd never had, before finally getting to brie. I don't dislike the stuff, I just strongly prefer more flavorful options. But at Southport Grocery, where the grilled brie ($10) has been on the menu since the day the restaurant opened, I happily put aside my anti-brie bias.

This beautiful sandwich starts with a nice layer of gooey brie, but is elevated by other elements that add some serious flavor to go with the creamy cheese. Inside the sandwich is fresh spinach and a delicious mess of mushrooms that are sautéed with salt, pepper, and rosemary. All of that goes between crisp griddled slices of olive oil and sea salt focaccia from Red Hen Bread, completing what the restaurant rightfully calls "a grown up version of a grilled cheese."

Southport Grocery

3552 N. Southport, Chicago, IL 60657 (map)