Put an Egg on It: Dishes We Love in Chicago with Eggs on Them

[Photograph: Huge Galdones]

Put an Egg on It was born out of a very simple question: do all foods taste better with an egg on them? Sure, some sweets might not make the cut, but as far as savory courses are concerned, the answer seems to be almost a definite yes. (Very unscientific calculations were in the 99 percent range.) It doesn't matter if the egg is fried, poached, or cooked in a thousand dollar sous vide machine, that plump yolk—which should slowly erupt like molten lava—improves just about everything it touches. It seems an egg perched on top of any dish provides a little deliciouness insurance.

What started as a simple, one-off idea, became a rallying call. With so many great options, where should we draw the line? Was it reasonable to find 30 to 40 egg topped dishes? Finally, the decision we ultimately made was that Put an Egg on It will never die. This is no trend. Every once in a while we'll drop back in with new dishes we've fallen in love with, and if you have suggestions, we'd sure like to hear them.

But here are the egg crowned dishes that we are in love with right now. Check them out by clicking on the slideshow!