TGI Fry-Day: Southern Fried Apple Pie from Smoke Daddy

TGI Fry-Day

Reviews of fried food in Chicago.


[Photograph: Nick Kindelsperger]

If you haven't noticed, deep fried desserts receive relatively little love on this column. It's not that I don't like sweets, my cravings just usually skew toward the savory end of the spectrum. Not to mention that it's a tad early in the season for deep fried Snickers/Twinkies/Oreos. But when I saw Southern Fried Apple Pie ($5.95) on the menu at Smoke Daddy, I couldn't resist.

The housemade dough and filling are assembled turnover-style, down to the fork-crimped crust, and the bubbly surface provides plenty of deep-fried assurance of its origins. The filling is not as syrupy-sweet as the McVersion we all grew up on, which is an added bonus for a mere sweets peruser like me. That's probably why I enjoyed the simple scoop of Edy's vanilla ice cream and cinnamon sugar dusting so much, too; with each assembled bite, I had complete control over the pie's sweetness destiny.

Newfound confidence in hand, maybe it's time for me to broaden my horizons. Whaddaya say, Chicago Serious Eaters: any deep-fried sweets out there I should be trying?

The Smoke Daddy

1804 W Division Street Chicago, IL 60622 (map)