The Brunch Dish: Meat Omelet at Branch 27

The Brunch Dish

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In all my brunch adventures so far, I have tried to stay away from obvious American brunch staples in hopes of exploring Chicago's more unique offerings. Noble Square's Branch 27 made me venture back to the safety zone, however, with their version of everyone's favorite egg dish: the omelet. The meat omelet ($11) comes stuffed with smoked chicken, leeks, swiss, chipotle, and sides of roasted potatoes and toast.

I was initially intrigued with the idea of putting smoked chicken inside the omelet, as most omelets tend to have bacon or ham instead. Unfortunately, my intrigue was let down when I cut into the omelet and realized the chicken was cubed. Although it had good flavor, seeing little cubes of chicken on my plate wasn't very aesthetically appealing. Thankfully, the leeks and gooey swiss cheese made up for the cubes, and all the flavors complimented one another, even if the chicken wasn't the most visually inspiring element on the plate. Branch 27's omelet is solid American brunch comfort food, but I think I may stick with more unique offerings for now.

Branch 27

1371 W Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60642 (map)