10 Non-Cupcake Desserts We Love at Chicago's Magnolia Bakery

[Photograph: Lindsey Becker]

You've probably heard of Magnolia Bakery thanks to their famous cupcakes. I'd like to change that. Although it would be difficult for any cupcake to live up to the kind of hype generated by starring roles on Saturday Night Live and Sex and the City, the matriarch of the cupcake craze serves cupcakes that are, in my opinion, overly sweet.

On the other hand, the crust on their apple pie is remarkable, their classic icebox pies and cakes will make you wonder why other bakeries haven't tried to copy them yet, and I can't imagine anyone would be angry if you showed up at a party with a dozen impeccably made mini cheesecakes. Plus, you can get a cupcake at a number of places, but where can you get a banana pudding worthy of a cult following?

So the next time you find yourself window shopping through Block 37 in Chicago's Loop and suddenly in need of a sugar pick-me-up, skip the cupcakes and try one of 10 non-cupcake desserts we love instead.

Magnolia Bakery

108 N State St #128, Chicago, IL 60602 (map)