A Sandwich a Day: Helen's Grilled Chicken Sandwich at Uncommon Ground

A Sandwich a Day

Reviews of Chicago sandwiches.


[Photograph: Nick Kindelsperger]

Uncommon Ground's relative location to Wrigley Field and inspiring green mission make for fine excuses to stop by the Lakeview shop. But you really don't need some excuse to visit this cozy cafe. Just make sure to arrive hungry. Sure, the menu sports all kinds of salads and is littered with names of farms, but don't expect dainty portions.

That's especially true of Helen's grilled chicken sandwich ($14). Of course, the chicken comes from Gunthorp Farm, a local poultry and pork operation, which almost guarantees a flavorful bite. And yes, avocado and alfalfa sprouts are present. But the sandwich also arrives stacked high, draped with Swiss cheese, and drizzled with a honey-mustard dressing. I expected the structure to crumble after one bite, but the toasted bread managed to support the excess without so much as a shrug. And if that doesn't fill you up, the crisp and greaseless sweet potato fries should finish the job.

Uncommon Ground‎

3800 North Clark Street, Chicago, IL 60613 (map); 773-929-3680; uncommonground.com‎