A Sandwich a Day: The Second City at Bergstein Deli Food Truck

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It's due time this sandwich blog took notice of the burgeoning food truck scene around Chicago. Sure, it's the food movement de jour, comparable only to the cupcake takeover of the late 2000s (seriously, there is a cupcake shop on nearly every street corner in downtown). But discerning palates care not where the food comes from, but rather what it tastes like. And for those looking for a deli sandwich akin to the stylings made famous along the East Coast, Bergstein Deli is the truck to track down. Or at least follow on Twitter.

No need for lettuce and the like, Bergstein nixes the typical greens for slice after thinly-shaved slice of kosher deli meat. Take, for example, the Second City sandwich ($9.00). Though named after our fair city, this sandwich would have a New York City native convinced he'd somehow been transported back to Brooklyn. Bergstein packs a toasted pretzel bun with a thick stack of freshly-cut Italian salami, then tops it with warm turkey breast shavings and muenster cheese. It's a meat lovers delight, but there's one gripe: the sandwich—all of Bergstein's food truck sandwiches, for that matter—are rather small, given the price. Can anyone blame us for wanting more?

Bergstein Deli Food Truck

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