10 Dishes We Love at the Green City Market in Chicago

[Photographs: Nick Kindelsperger]

Usually when I'm at Chicago's Green City Market, I'm on an express mission to snag as many fresh finds as I can before some chef or other shopper takes them all. Who has time to snack when, say, every single zucchini blossom could be gone in a matter of seconds? Of course, I realize that other people take a more leisurely approach, deciding instead to casually browse, chat with friends, and eat at one of the many food stands also at the market.

Last weekend I came to the conclusion that it was time for me to try them. Instead of rushing around, I forced myself to eat at every single stand selling food to go. I know, such a sacrifice.


Becker Lane roasts some pork middles for its porchetta sandwich.

Though initially worried that I'd encounter a series of fine—if ultimately underwhelming—options, I also knew that the Green City Market has proven to be a great incubator of local restaurants. Operations like Hoosier Mama Pie Company and Floriole got their start here. Thing is, that still left me with a lot of food to eat, so narrowed the field down even more, excluding places I already knew were awesome, like the two mentioned above, along with all the bakeries. Though I could try, I probably wouldn't have room in my stomach for a whole loaf of bread.

That still left me with ten wildly different options, and I feasted until I couldn't possible feast any more. Along the way I snacked on bite-sized doughnuts, sprout filled sandwiches, and hefty grilled burgers. Then I washed it all down with all-natural sodas and refreshing smoothies. Check out some of the great finds, and let me know if you have any favorites that didn't make the cut!

Tamale at Las Manas Tamales
Sweet Mint Ice Cream at Snookelfritz Ice Cream
Market Burger at Sunday Dinner
Zeppole at Zullo's
Strawberry Crepes at Abby's Crepes
Strawberry Smoothie from Seedling Farms
Farm Fruit n' Nut Wrap at Tiny Greens Organic Farm
Porchetta Sandwich at Becker Lane
Strawberry Soda at Seasons Soda
Grilled Portabella Sandwich at River Valley Ranch

Green City Market

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