Knockout Noodles: 7 Cold Noodles We Love in Chicago

Knockout Noodles

Reviews of noodle dishes.

[Photographs: Roger Kamholz]

It may seem unwise, or at least unusual, to beat the summertime heat with noodles. For starters, the carbs could set your beach body back a few precious weeks. But, in fact, the tradition of chilled-noodle-as-warm-weather-refreshment goes way back, inhabiting the culinary past and present of numerous cultures, especially those in Asia. These seasonally inspired cold-noodle dishes truly run the gamut, from light and delicate to spicy and robust. And as far as noodle types are concerned, almost anything is fair game to boil, shock, and chill.

Now with summer officially here—though it's certainly felt like the season for longer than that—it's time to give a few of these knockout noodles their day in the sun. Because what could be a better revenge against the oppressive heat than noodles that are best served cold?