A Sandwich a Day: Vegan "Tuna" Melt at Kingsbury Street Cafe

A Sandwich a Day

Reviews of Chicago sandwiches.


[Photo: Michell Eloy]

After decades of pastry making and a rumored fight with a landlord, the bakers behind the much-lauded Work of Art Cakes set out to expand their offerings beyond the sweet indulgences of cookies and pastries. The result: Kingsbury Street Cafe, an slightly upscale eatery that sits in the shadows of the behemoth-sized Whole Foods near North and Sheffield Avenues. Focusing on the healthier side of dining, Kingsbury is a welcome option among the sea of fast food chains that populate the area around the intersection.

As far as sandwiches are concerned, Kingsbury serves up a handful on its lunch menu. A standout among them, though, is the Vegan "Tuna" Melt ($8.00). Rather than fish, Kingsbury Street Cafe mashes up chickpeas with celery, red onions, parsley, and vegan dijonaise (a mix between dijon mustard and mayonnaise) to make a filing with a comparable, though grainier, consistency. Roasted tomatoes are placed on top. As for the cheese, patrons can choose between a vegan substitute or opt for the vegetarian version of the sandwich with cheddar, swiss, pepper jack, goat, or gruyere. Bookending the filling is a vegan multi-grain hamburger bun. It's a rather unique take on the classic American menu staple, but one that's certainly worth a try.

Kingsbury Street Cafe

1523 North Kingsbury Street, Chicago, IL 60642 (map)
(312) 280-1718