Chicago's Week of Tacos


The latest happenings around Chicago.


A platter of tacos from Bullhead Cantina. [Photographs: Nick Kindelsperger]

In case you missed it, last week was an exceptional time for tacos in Chicago. Of course, I try keep the flame alive each and every week with my taco column, but two other publications dedicated significant attention to the subject, and each dug up some impressive finds. Time Out Chicago's Cheap Eats: Taco Edition hit the stands last week with histories of six taco fillings, tours of four taco crawls, a personal account of a late night taqueria, and a search for the best al pastor tacos around. Though I'm obviously proud of the last item because, well, I wrote it (humble, aren't I?), the whole issue is worth picking up so you can see the different sides of taco culture in the city.

Want more? Grub Street Chicago also published Tortilla Triumphs: 25 Knockout Chicago Tacos, featuring a mix of familiar joints and some places I'm genuinely excited to check out for the first time. In particular, I can't wait to order the Fish Taco with Blueberry, Green Onion and Jicama at Chilam Balam. And I'd be lying if I didn't have a strange desire to see what Butcher and Larder's American Tacos, which look like the hard shell tacos with ground meat and lettuce that I grew up with, but—I imagine—taste much better.