Staff Picks: Best Ice Cream in Chicago

Oh, come on! Do we really need an excuse to write about ice cream? Well, just in case you doubt our intentions, we have a few perfectly valid reasons, so just sit tight. First off, it's National Ice Cream month as decreed by the President of the United States. Second, it's July, and as you've probably noticed, it's flipping hot outside. And if neither of those mean anything to you, what about the inalienable fact that ice cream is absolutely delicious? Smooth and creamy, sweet and refreshing, it's the ultimate summer treat.

But where is the best ice cream in the city? That's the question we asked our contributors. The picks ranged from new restaurants in the Gold Coast to classic joints on the South Side. Sure, some people got off topic for a bit. Should gelato and sorbet count? What about a slightly shameful froyo habit? But as long as it looked the part, we included it here. But what about you? Where do you like to eat ice cream in Chicago?

Click on the slideshow to see all the picks, or click on the individual picks below.