8 British Dishes We Love in Chicago

What is it about the Olympics that makes us so hungry? Perhaps it takes a lot of work to sit and cheer, or maybe just watching all those athletes wears us out. Regardless, with all eyes set on London for the 30th Olympic Games, what better way to celebrate than by digging into some of the exceptional British dishes you can eat right now in Chicago?

To be honest, if this were even four years ago, trying to track down a proper British-inspired meal would have led to a few eye rolls and a lot of greasy fried fish. But lately a collection of Anglophiles passionate about craft have uncovered a cuisine focused on quality, seasonality, and the handmade.

So leave your preconceptions and mushy peas at the door, and check out these 9 British dishes we love by clicking through the slideshow or checking them out individually below. Did we miss something? Leave a comment and let us know!