A Sandwich a Day: Grilled Portobello Sandwich at Simone's

A Sandwich a Day

Reviews of Chicago sandwiches.


[Photograph: Nick Kindelsperger]

There's no question that Simone's in Pilsen is mostly known as a bar, and a very good one at that. Stuffed with reclaimed wood and old electronic equipment, it's one of the most distinctively decorated places around. In fact, there's no doubt that the place could coast on the food and still pack the crowds, so it's heartening to see that even normally routine offerings, like a Grilled Portobello Sandwich ($8.00), is given some genuine thought and care. The dish comes with thin slices of the meaty mushrooms, along with gooey cheddar, and bright green pesto. It's not a life changing meal, but it is solidly constructed and perfect to pair with a drink of your choice.


960 W 18th, Chicago, IL 60608 (map)