A Sandwich A Day: The Guajirito at Siboney

A Sandwich a Day

Reviews of Chicago sandwiches.


[Photo: Michell Eloy]

The south east side of Logan Square has become the go-to place in Chicago for Cuban food. Along the streets near Western Avenue and Armitage Avenue stand a number of restaurants boasting south of the Florida border cuisine that's as authentic as it is delicious. Among them is Siboney, a more up-scale destination offering a full bar, live music and some of the tastiest plantains state-side outside of Miami.

As far as sandwiches go, Siboney offers a handful of options on its lunch menu. And a stand out among them is the Guajirito. Thin strips of juicy, marinated ribeye steak are grilled and topped with sautéed onions, fresh iceberg lettuce, and slices of beefsteak tomatoes. Rather than bread, the sandwich's contents are pressed between two crispy slices of flattened green plantains, adding a somewhat sweet counterpoint to the savory steak strips. Mayonnaise, a staple in many Cuban sandwiches, is slathered on liberally.

Given that there's no bread, the Guajirito is smaller and less filling than your average sandwich, and it's also a little more cumbersome to maneuver (the plantains fall apart upon first bite). But an array of seasonings on both the plantains and the steak make the Guajirito one of the more flavorful sandwiches this blogger has ever had the pleasure of consuming. My advice for those with an appetite: order some croquets or a side of plantains as an accompaniment.


2165 N. Western Avenue, Chicago, IL 60647 (map) 773-276-8776