Farewell, Charlie Trotter's

[Photographs: Dennis Lee]

When Charlie Trotter's opened up 25 years ago, it heralded in a new era of Chicago dining, eventually paving the way for chefs like Grant Achatz, Homaro Cantu, Graham Elliot, Bill Kim, and Mindy Segal—just to name a few. Chicago is now home to some of the most highly regarded restaurants in the world (ahem, *cough* Alinea), in no small part due to Trotter's incubation of of skilled and ambitious chefs.

But as you no doubt have heard, Charlie Trotter's is closing. For now, Trotter plans to enter graduate school at the University of Chicago, in order to dive deeper into his love of philosophy.

I was fortunate to get a seat with some friends last weekend, and as someone who enjoys food as much as all of you Serious Eaters, I felt obligated to share my once-in-a-lifetime experience. Check out the slideshow to see the Grand Tasting menu, and thanks again, Charlie, for 25 years of fresh, innovative, and game-changing food.

By the way, it was awesome.

Charlie Trotter's

816 West Armitage Avenue, Chicago, IL 60614 (map)