A Sandwich a Day: Corned Beef Reuben from Revolution Brewing

A Sandwich a Day

Reviews of Chicago sandwiches.


[Photograph: Nick Kindelsperger]

There's not a lot to making the average Reuben. Take more meat than the human mouth could possibly handle, top it with too much or too little sauerkraut, some barely melted cheese, and sticky sweet sauce; crudely pile it all between slices of tough rye bread, and you've just created a sandwich that people will gladly pay in the mid-teens for. Much more difficult is making a Reuben that actually tastes like something you could see yourself eating regularly, which is where Revolution Brewing comes in.

The Corned Beef Reuben ($11.00) features corned beef braised in Revolution's own Cross of Gold blonde ale, swiss cheese fondue, cabbage apple slaw, and Russian dressing, all layered between house baked dark rye bread. "Balanced" isn't a word usually associated with the Reuben, but in this case, the components are arranged with restraint so that everything gets a chance to shine. Especially nice was the sweet-tart slaw, which ensured that the tender beef never even thought of overpowering. And it goes without saying that this sandwich pairs nicely with any of the hoppier of Revolution's excellent house brewed beers, especially the "A Little Crazy," which is on tap now.

Revolution Brewing

2323 N Milwaukee Avenue Chicago, IL 60647 (map)