Sugar Rush: Grace's Caramel Bar at Sensational Bites

Sugar Rush

Reviews of desserts in Chicago.

[Photograph: Lindsey Becker]

Sometimes restraint is a thing of beauty in the sweets world: a cupcake topped with a proportional amount of frosting, à la Sprinkles , or a fruit pie with just enough crumble topping. And sometimes a sugar craving hits and you just need sugar on top of sugar on top of sugar.

In that case, Grace's Caramel Bar ($3.25) from Sensational Bites provides a hefty vehicle for sugar consumption. Chewy caramel, chocolate chips, and walnuts are sandwiched between layers of chocolate that's a textural mix of cake and brownie. With caramel literally oozing out of cracks in the chocolate, this bar begs to be stickily pulled apart and eaten with a steaming cup of coffee or tea on a chilly fall day.

Sensational Bites

3751 N Southport Ave., Chicago, IL 60613 (map)