Behind the Sweets: Bill Millholland Rolls Up Some Sticky Buns at Baker & Nosh

[Photographs: Lindsey Becker]

The more sweets I eat around Chicago, the more I'm convinced this is a blessed city. There is an extraordinary abundance of high-quality pastries being produced in friendly neighborhood bakeries all over the place (though I've recently discovered quite a few in northern neighborhoods). One prime example is the sticky bun at Baker & Nosh, a young bakery on Wilson Ave. in Uptown. Owner Bill Millholland opened the store this past January after spending years working as a culinary instructor first at a villa in Italy and later at Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Chicago.

Years of experience go into a sticky bun worth going out of your way for. Baker & Nosh's fulfills all of the usual sticky bun requirements (buttery, tacky goo and crunchy pecans), but it's also made with a fantastic brioche dough, so instead of being Cinnabon-soft, there's a little more crispy, buttery crust here than your usual bun.

Click through the slideshow to learn some sticky bun tricks of the trade from Bill and then stop by the store for a warm and gooey fall pick-me-up.


If you're looking to add a little homemade dazzle to your annual Thanksgiving celebration this year, Baker & Nosh will be offering loaves of pumpkin bread as well as homemade stuffing mix made with their own bread for Thanksgiving. Beyond that, they will also be offering lussekatter, a traditional Swedish bun made with saffron and cardamom for St. Lucia's Day on December 13th.

Baker & Nosh

1303 Wilson Ave, Chicago, Il 60640 (map)