8 Pasta Dishes We Love in Chicago

Knockout Noodles

Reviews of noodle dishes.

[Photographs: Roger Kamholz]

For the past year, Roger has explored Chicago's dining scene the best way he knows how: one bowl of noodles at a time. When Knockout Noodles launched, he was adamant about exploring a range of cuisines, from Vietnamese to Mexican, because just about cuisine does something delicious with a noodle. But along the way he knew he'd have a few plates of Italian pasta.

Of course, narrowing down the search to Italian noodles still leaves an enormous scene to cover. Just think about how many different types of pasta noodles there are, and you'll realize how complicated his search has been. But these are the ten pastas that stood out from the rest, and they make for a great introduction to Chicago's amazing Italian restaurant scene.

Check all eight out by clicking on the slideshow. Of course, there's still much left to cover, so if you have any plates of pasta that Roger needs to check, definitely let us know.