A Sandwich a Day: Signature Rub Panini at Rub BBQ Company

A Sandwich a Day

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[Photograph: Josh Conley]

While every pit master worth his sauce operates within the confines of the low-n-slow paradigm, they can think a bit more outside the smoker with other variables such as type of wood, sauce, and dry rub. Most joints tend to focus on the sauce, but as the name suggests, the focus at Rub BBQ Company is on its 14-spice rub.

The very well-manicured Signature Rub Panini ($7.99 with one side) is a good vehicle to try this rub. The tender, moist pork is pulled chunky, not stringy, with plenty of chew to it, and the homemade chutney provides just enough sweetness. The provolone adds very little, but this allowed the focus to remain on the succulent pork. About that harmonious rub: not a single of the myriad players hogs the spotlight here; it is an ensemble cast all the way. It courts the meat for a full 24 hours, so that they really get to know one another, before heading to the altar of the all hardwood smoker to seal the deal. And it was worth the wait.

Rub BBQ Company

2407 West Lunt Avenue, Chicago, IL 60645 (map)

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