A Sandwich a Day: The Chicken Shawarma Sandwich at Pita Inn

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[Photograph: Joe Roy]



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There's nothing fancy about the chicken shawarma sandwich ($4.89) at Pita Inn. No bells, no whistles, no signature twists, no bling. Like most of the menu here, it is straightforward Mediterranean cuisine done simply, and done right.

Sliced fresh off the awesomeness that is the rotating meat spit, the tumeric-hued chicken is a nice mix of white and dark meats, crispy and tender pieces. There are hints of lemon and garlic from the marinade, but the fresh-cracked black pepper comes over the top and lingers pleasantly afterward. Add lettuce and tomato, stuff it all into pillowy house-made pita bread, and it does a classic justice.

Pita Inn

3910 Dempster Street, Skokie, IL 60076 (map)