Behind the Scenes of Yusho's Salmon Roe Takoyaki

[Photographs: Huge Galdones]

Takoyaki is virtually synonymous with Osaka-style street food. Typically round bite-sized balls of pancake and octopus (hence tako) are cooked on a special pan with dozens of semicircles (hence yaki). With the popularity of izakayas on the rise, the appearance of takoyaki on menus has also become more prevalent. The snack has also been a mainstay at Logan Square's Yusho.

Given its pancake-style base, it's somewhat of a blank slate, meaning octopus can be swapped for pretty much anything. Yusho does just that, using salmon roe to elevate this modest street food to a memorably delicious one-bite wonder.

Check out the slideshow to see how they prepare one iteration of these balls of goodness.


2853 North Kedzie Avenue, Chicago, IL 60618 (map)